A perfect logistics hub for our distribution

Our wholly owned subsidiary NewNeoPharm handles all our repackaging and adapts all medicines to the Scandinavian market. Our production is located in Groningen, the Netherlands, which is a perfect logistics hub for our distribution. At NeneoPharm we can offer the highest quality according to GMP, which ensures quality in our production.

Repackaging, labeling & distribution, with quality

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice is a regulatory framework that governs the manufacture, including packaging, of pharmaceuticals, food and health foods. This includes rules on staff training and responsibilities. Among other things, each batch produced must be approved by a Qualified Person. Our entire company is imbued with high quality and we strive to use our quality work as a strategic advantage.

FMD — The Counterfeit Medicines Directive is a legal framework introduced by the European Commission to improve the protection of public health in the EU. Measures to counter counterfeit medicines include stricter record-keeping of wholesalers, tougher controls on drug manufacturers, and mandatory safety features on packaging.

Medartuum has been FMD compliant since the Directive entered into force in February 2019.


At NewNeoPharm we can offer external partners solutions for repacking, re-labelling, warehousing and distribution in Europe, please contact Joakim for more questions about potential collaborations.

/Joakim Andersson, Head of NewNeopharm

Groningen, Netherlands

Groningen is a city in the Netherlands and the capital of the province of Groningen. The city has about 198,000 inhabitants and is the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. Groningen is a university town with around 40,000 students. Many of our employees at NewNeoPharm combine their studies with working with us!