A company with extensive experience

Development of our business areas

Our owners Munro Healthcare Group Ltd started Medartuum in Sweden in 1996. Munro who are based in Glasgow, Scotland have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical distribution and pharmacy market in the UK. Since the beginning, our core business has been focused on parallel imports to Sweden, with a focus on human medicines for the pharmacy market. Over the years, the company has developed and more business areas have been started.

Munro Healthcare Group Ltd starts Medartuum in Sweden importing human medicines aimed at the pharmacy market as its core business.
Medartuum is expanding its operations by also importing generic drugs into the product system of the period.

The goods of the period are the generically interchangeable drugs that have the lowest price and that pharmacies offer to their customers when they exchange medicines.

The generic exchange means that pharmacies must offer the patient the equivalent drug with the lowest price included in the high-cost protection, a decision made by the Riksdag.

This frees up money that can be used for other pressing purposes in health care.
In 2016 Medartuum imported its first veterinary medicine to Sweden. Today, the portfolio has grown and now includes about 50 veterinary medicines imported to pharmacies.
In autumn 2017, the import of licensed medicines was started and today there are more than 300 items in Medartuum's portfolio.

A license is a sales permit to pharmacies to sell a drug that is not approved in Sweden. For a license to be processed, it is required that the authorized prescriber create a license justification and that a pharmacy make a license application.

We then provide pharmacies with their application and import the licensed drug throughout Scandinavia, and have a global network of suppliers.

Medartuum also supplies Europe with Licensed Medicines from Scandinavia.
With our long experience in Parallel import to Sweden, in February 2021 we were able to open up a new import market, and our first deliveries to Danish pharmacies were started.

We have increased our presence and portfolio to both hospitals and pharmacies in Denmark and today have about 100 medicines registered in Denmark.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work for increased access to medicines and to contribute savings to the entire pharmaceutical industry.

“We are proud to contribute to lowering drug prices in the markets we operate.”

/Emil Backlund, Vice President at Medartuum

Our distribution system

With a central warehouse in Groningen, the Netherlands, we have created a geographically advantageous hub for fast and precise deliveries to Scandinavia. From our central warehouse in Groningen, we can deliver medicines to pharmacies & wholesalers in Sweden and Denmark in a very efficient way, which is well adapted to the wishes and requirements of our partners.

The same rigorous drug control

Medartuum does not manufacture its own medicines, but adapts its packaging and leaflets to the Swedish market. Each individual medicine that Medartuum will sell in Scandinavia must first be approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency (LV) or its equivalent European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Affiliated to the pharmaceutical insurance

Pharmaceutical insurance is based on a voluntary agreement between pharmaceutical companies in Sweden and has been created as a security for patients who have been harmed by medicines. There are different ways to seek compensation if you suffer such damage, but Pharmaceutical Insurance is the most favorable. It does not require any court intervention and can reimburse pharmaceutical damages regardless of how the damage was caused or if the product used had a safety risk.

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Sustainability in focus from start to finish

Medartuum works exclusively with ISO certified transports, we take social responsibility through a diversified workforce and an environmental mindset that permeates production through customization/saving of materials, etc.

We are passionate about health and well-being

In 2023, we will start our support for a water treatment project in Uganda via Zero Mission. Since health and the environment are interdependent in many places around the world, environmental work is a natural part of our business.