Swedish Pharmacy Association reject uninsured PI-companies

From now on, all pharmacies connected to the Swedish Pharmacy Association will refrain from entering into agreements with parallel importers of drugs that are not included in the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance. This is the meaning of the trade agreement that has been made. “The pharmacies have the option to set more stringent requirements than the state when we negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. That some of the drugs sold in Sweden are not included in the Pharmaceutical Insurance has been a quality problem that the pharmacies have been uncomfortable with. That is why we in the pharmacy industry are actively doing everything we can to limit the sale of drugs outside of the Pharmaceutiacal Insurance” says Johan Wallér, president of the Swedish Pharmacy Association, in a press comment. The industry agreement means the following: Branschöverenskommelsen innebär följande: *When signing a contract with companies that parallel import pharmaceuticals, the signing company commits to require that its partner and its products are covered by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance ( LFF Service AB’s Pharmaceutical Insurance).* As the pharmacies are required to provide drugs that are available on the Swedish market and are prescribed, the agreement is exempt where no alternatives exist. The agreement does not cover products that pharmacies are legally compelled to provide coverage through the federal generic system (the item of the period). The pharmacies agree to, through the trade organization, the Swedish Pharmacy Association, call attention to the providers who are outside the insurance, that it is desirable that they join.

Source: Pharma Online 2013-03-14