Swedish Pharmacy Association reject uninsured PI-companies

From now on, all pharmacies connected to the Swedish Pharmacy Association will refrain from entering into agreements with parallel importers of drugs that are not included in the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance. This is the meaning of the trade agreement that has been made. “The pharmacies have the option to set...

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Industry agreement on counterfeit medicines

The Swedish Pharmacy Association, LIF, the Pharmaceutical Distributor Association and the Pharmaceutical Traders have mutually signed a letter of intent regarding how the European directive on falsified medicines should be introduced. “The letter of intent is a necessary step to enable Sweden to provide a workable system for verifying that...

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Piratkopierade läkemedel är ett hot mot hälsan

Idag den 7 juni uppmärksammas världsdagen mot piratkopiering. Varumärkesförfalskning förekommer inom en rad olika produktområden, till exempel mat, filmer, dataspel och kläder. När varor som omfattas av särskilda säkerhetskrav, som t.ex. läkemedel eller medicintekniska produkter förfalskas, innebär det inte bara ekonomiska förluster för industrin utan även att konsumenten utsätts för...

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Total pharmaceutical sales down, parallel imports up

The sales of pharmaceuticals declined in 2012 in Sweden. Sales of medicines in pharmacies, calculated as AIP, pharmacy purchase prices, was 1.1 percent lower in 2012 than in 2011 and ended at 30.4 billion. This is evident in statistics taken from IMS Health and Pharmacy Service AB, according to the...

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