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About art – medARTuum

We have chosen to profile art in the various situations where we are involved or communicate with our customers. Among other things, we focus on art in our trade magazine. Not only do we write about trade facts and news, but we also write about inspiring and interesting art in articles as well as in paragraphs about current art activities all around Sweden.

Migrant animals

For the past five years, we at Medartuum have sent an art calendar to all of the pharmacies in Sweden. The calendar’s paintings always follow a certain theme and the 2013 calendar was entitled “Migrant animals”. The motives are various animals that have migration and its “limitless benefits” as their way of life


The following shows the motives of animals involved in one of the world’s mightiest spectacle. It unfolds in East Africa and is known as “The Great Migration”. These designs are created in mixed media ( braiding , photography, digital imaging and watercolour ) . Size 21 × 29 cm.


The world’s waterway

It is often said that water always finds its way. In the form of rivers, streams and canals, it movers forward without being stopped by the borders placed by people . The world’s waterways have always created life, movement and development where they have slithered through. They have offered limitless benefits and prosperity to those who understood the proper use of them . In the art calendar for 2014, twelve waterways from five continents are depicted.


Art Project Bildrör

In this art project, the artist Mattias Christenson interpreted the picture ideas of 35 well-known Swedes in his paintings. We were inspired and asked him to do a unique motive for us on the theme “parallel import”. We sent our parallel motive and the book on well-known Swedes and their thoughts in pictures to each Swedish pharmacy. Find out more about the art project at www.bildror.se.


Mattias Christenson – Artist

For me, art is inspiration as well as an exciting opportunity to have an outlet for creative expression. I like bright colors and am happy to work with different techniques to capture a shifting feeling in my designs. Besides my artistry, I work with communication and marketing. For me, it is both inspiring and effective to let my artistic and commercial hemispheres enrich each other. It does the art  good to have flashing lights and deadlines, and a lot of marketing may be more impactful with the right kind of artistic framing. My paintings are featured in Swedish living rooms, French chateaus, Spanish bodegas, government offices in Kurdistan and the municipal building in Haparanda.

email: mattias@ekebacka.com

Phone: 0708-928240